Bill Stites with Trikes

About the Company

We present a new vision for Urban Transport with an expressed mission …
to reduce dependence on the automobile.

Stites Design is a small design and fabrication shop in Portland, Oregon.  We specialize in electrohuman hybrids – especially trikes.  The benefits of pedaling are maintained, with the added boost of electric power assist.  Combining these two power sources nullifies weight and hills.

Around the globe, it is clear that auto-based transport has grown to unmanageable proportions.  Many governments are responding with legislative mandates to reduce vehicle-miles traveled [VMT’s].  Highly efficient, small-scale vehicles provide a genuine opportunity to reduce VMT’s.

An obvious place to start is in the congested cities of the world.  Within the urban context, we are focusing on reducing short trips by cars, vans, and trucks.