Progress on Truck Trike v2

November 20th, 2011 by Bill

We are busily working on the next two Truck Trike frames, of the new v2 design.  Here’s a few photos to show the new frame, with the unique “connector plates”.   There are still lots of pieces to attach to the frames, such as tabs for wiring, tabs for lighting, filler plates, name plates, … even the wheel wells need to be added, as they are first built in a sub-assembly.

The “Connector Plates” connect the Front Frame to the Rear Frame.  They are welded to the Front Frame, and bolted to the Rear Frame.  Thus, the Truck Trike provides the possibility of a myriad of modular options, and can be disassembled for shipping.

Connector Plates for attaching vertical front frame to horizontal rear frame

Connector Plates


Connector Plates poised on rear frame

Connector Plates on rear frame


The Front Frames were redesigned with larger tubing to enhance performance and strength.  Additionally, now there’s room to run the wiring internally, nice!

Front/side view of Front Frames v2

Front/side view of two Front Frames v2


Note the laser cut detail in the Head Tubes.

First two Front Frames of v2

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