Big Bad Brakes

August 6th, 2011 by Bill

Real world testing has shown that the Truck Trike really isn’t like anything that has come before in the bike world.  While it is a “hybrid” relative to its power sources [human + electric], it also can be described as a hybrid in its overall configuration.

The front end is easily recognizable as a bike.  But the rear end – with its 600+ lb. capacity – is more like a truck.  While we have tried to stay on the level of bicycle components for ease of availability and maintenance, it became clear that there were no bicycle brakes – even downhill hydraulics – that were up to the task of stopping upwards of 1/2 ton of mass [vehicle+driver+payload].

Thus, we are now specifying motorcycle-level hydraulic brakes for the rear section.  Such technology is well-proven, and readily available.  The new system provides full confidence in the ability to stop a fully loaded Truck Trike.

The photo shows the old bicycle rotor on the left, and the new motorcycle rotor on the right.  We designed and machined a custom adaptor to mount the monster rotor on a bike hub’s standard 6-bolt pattern.

old and new disc brake rotors

Old and new disc brake rotors.



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