Transport for People and Cargo

Introducing the smartest, most cost-effective and

environmentally friendly utility vehicle on the planet.

Meet the Truck Trike – the first humanelectric powered vehicle created specifically to handle the demands of business. With an impressive payload capacity of 600 pounds, incredible maneuverability and a low cost of ownership, the Truck Trike offers a very cost-effective alternative for:

  • Delivery Companies

  • Warehouses

  • Point-of-sale and Pedicab Operators

  • Universities

  • Corporate Campuses

  • Municipalities

In cities and urban areas, the Truck Trike provides a level of versatility and energy efficiency that trucks and carts just can’t match – all in a vehicle that weighs only 250 pounds.


A true green machine

With high-end components like an all-steel frame, proven electric motors and motorcycle-grade brakes, the Truck Trike is tough. But it’s easy on the environment. Fully sustainable with zero emissions, it’s even healthy for those who ride it. With no fossil fuel costs, license or insurance requirements, and with minimal maintenance, the Truck Trike will save you money.


Proudly made in Portland, Oregon, USA

Each Truck Trike is engineered and hand-built in our Portland facility. Not only does this enable us to oversee every detail and ensure the highest quality, but also helps keep important manufacturing jobs here in our community. In fact, we’re the only manufacturer in the U.S. creating vehicles of this new weight class.

Plus, if you’re ordering in North America, it further reduces environmental impact as opposed to buying similar options from overseas.


Learn more about the Truck Trike here


Truck Trike  April 2010

New Truck Trike:

  • Environmentally Sound
  • Human + Electric power
  • Cargo Loads to 600lbs
  • Fully customizable rear bed